The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Prestidigitation Approximation"

Hey guys, it's your favorite Shamy-hating critic here again, back to take over weekly reviews of The Big Bang Theory

Luckily, I popped back in for an Amy-less (and unfortunately Bernadette-less) episode, "The Prestidigitation Approximation," to make my transition a little easier.

As nice as it was to see Leonard get the A-story this week, the guy deserves better. The entire Priya plot was straight out of the generic sitcom handbook. That's probably where Chuck Lorre and company found the shtick where he switched from glasses to contacts and walked into every wall.

As usual, though Sheldon was there to pick up the comedic slack. This week felt like a throwback to days of old, before Jim Parsons was given his Emmy and forced into every scene and plotline possible. He was relegated to the B story here with Wolowitz and Raj, and delivered reliable laughs without any Sheldon overload. Read More...


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