'Archer' 2.07 'Movie Star' Review

Mixing Sterling Archer (egotistical, vain and sometimes inept) with Hollywood (egotistical, vain and often inept): what a combination.

We're introduced to an Oscar-winning actress, Rona Thorne (Rachael Harris), who's starring in a new spy thriller - so naturally, she arrives at ISIS. Lana does not want to be followed around by Rona and her little Chihuahua...until Archer expresses interest, which makes her volunteer just to spite him. Most of the episode involves Lana and Archer once again trying to outdo one another, this time for Rona's attention. The highlight of the episode is when Archer goes temporarily deaf after being on the shooting range without proper ear protection. They're so distracted that they don't realize that Rona is really a sleeper agent for the Russians until she ruins their mission to thwart a KGB assassination attempt. Read More...



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