America's Next Top Model 16.03 "Lori Goldstein" Review

I’d like to start off this review over Wednesday’s fantastic episode of Top Model with a moment of silence for Alexandria’s dearly departed roots.

Okay, are you guys ready to soldier on?

Apparently Top Model has up and decided to become a pretty legit modeling competition because "Lori Goldstein" packed everything I love about the show into a fun hour of television. It was makeovers galore and while there wasn’t an ice blonde or nervous breakdown in sight, it was nice to really see who’ll be in the running for the rest of the season. The best makeovers (courtesy of Laurent D.) were Brittani’s Dutch Boy (at first it looked a little wiggy but it read beautifully elsewhere), Jaclyn’s grown-up Selena Gomez bed of curls, and the discovery that Hannah is actually Blake Lively (yowza!), with Dominique’s Rihanna inspired weave also significantly improving her appearance. While the other makeovers were either decent (three girls with long straight black hair) or bland (Kasia’s Jersey-ish crimped cut, Alexandria’s super long super straight ‘do), Molly’s white girl weave was the stuff of nightmares. Read More...


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