'Bachelor' Finale Sneak Peek: Brad Cries Happy Tears, Reveals He is in Fact Human

Before you give me flack for that headline: C'mon. You know it's my job to give Brad a hard time. Also, you know Brad has not exactly been the warmest, quirkiest, most lifelike tour guide on this journey of love we call The Bachelor. At certain points he has seemed less like a human man and more like a human-shaped robot programmed to say "badly" and "My God" when things didn't compute.
But now that this journey is almost at an end, I'm warming up to ol' Womack Daddy. He may be kind of a goon, but he's our goon. He's still battling his demons and undergoing that intense psychotherapy, but at least we know he's not a manipulative liar. That's a little beyond his programming, if you know what I mean. And in this clip from the finale, in which Brad breaks down when his family arrives in South Africa, we actually get a glimpse of the real Brad, and it's sweet. Very sweet. Just in time for next Monday's finale, in which lovestruck Brad will pop the question to "White Swan" Emily or "Black Swan" Chantal, I'm starting to see his real/lovable side. WATCH:



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