Fringe Review: "Os"

I'm not really sure what to say about Fringe this week. After the last few outings, I was hoping for a lay-up, an easy review, one that leads us down the exciting path toward more outrageous reveals, such as those we've been privy to over the last couple of months.

What did I get? Well, I got "Os" - a title I still cannot grasp (and welcome your perspective in the comments) in the overall concept of what happened. I imagined it was going to be about the two Olivias. Wrong!

Walter spends a lot of time lately high as a kite, and we didn't have to wait more than 30 seconds for him to fulfill our wish again. Jorge Garcia made a cameo appearance as a security guard at Massive Dynamic and he and Walter busily smoke a bong while watching Massive Dynamic security cameras. That's when Walter discovers a strange, wooden door. William Bell's untouched office. Read More...


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