'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' recap: Death of a Jedi

The end is near.

I know. It’s sad. Star Wars: The Clone Warshas become one of the most cinematic shows on TV—each episode a model of craftsmanship, storytelling economy, and emotional resonance. And, as I’ve said before, actually one of our most political series. This marks our second to last recap for the season that’s redefined a good series as a great one. Last night’s episode, "Citadel Rescue," also saw the end of a visceral, rock-‘em-sock-‘em, Dirty Dozen-style three-parter featuring possibly my favorite Star Wars character ever: Tarkin.

When we returned to our heroes, Jedi Master Even Piell, Russian-tinged accent dripping thicker than borscht, contacted the Jedi Council about the rescue they had been promised—a rescue that would have to involve an entire fleet group to penetrate the fortress world of Lola Sayu. Yoda said they should head for an island for the rendezvous, but, to paraphrase the aged Master, careful timing they would need. Read More...



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