Kourtney & Kim Take New York - Straight Expectations: Episode 7 Recap

On this week’s Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kim makes an embarrassing judgment call and Scott and Kourtney clash over his hoarding problems.

The sisters are introduced to Marco, a branding consultant, who will help them with the opening of their Dash boutique. Marco impresses Kim with his fashion sense, leading her to believe he is gay.  She quickly makes Marco her new shopping buddy. Kourtney is intrigued by Kim’s rush to judgment and calls their mutual friend Simon to find out Marco’s story.  Simon says Marco is 100% straight.  Kourtney keeps the news from Kourtney, deciding to sit back and watch this play out to teach Kim a lesson.

Scott is a slob and Kourtney is frustrated with his messy ways. Scott’s mess of clothes and rotting food takes over their bedroom.  Kourtney color coordinates the closet which upsets Scott and he decides to reorganizer her stuff to get back at her.  Kourtney’s having none of this and Scott is angry.  To keep his temper under control, Scott visits his therapist for advice on how to handle Kourtney.  They role play, with Scott humorously imitating Kourtney in a monotone voice.  The therapist advises he remove himself from the situation when Kourtney gets nit picky. Read More...



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