Big Love Review: "Exorcism"

Big Love brought all the drama and left very little anticipation for the series finally on tonight's episode, "Exorcism."

Alby became a wanted man, but that did not stop him from his one mission: to kill Bill.

This feud between these two men had gone on since the beginning of this show and who did not expect it to end in a glorious showdown? They both knew that each wanted the other dead, but it surprised me to see Bill give away his perfect opportunity.

Even Nikki begged Bill to just go ahead and be done with it, but Bill did not shoot him. This action clearly proved that Bill is in his right mind and is not madly acting out. He probably realized that having Alby thrown in jail would cement to his followers the type of monster he really is.

The hardest character to understand is Nikki. She has always been a bit nutty, but never would I have thought she would say such horrible things to her daughter. Even the way she did it was beyond creepy. Poor Cara Lynn. She had to wake up in the middle of the night to find her mother waiting to make her feel worthless. Read More...


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