Shameless Review: "Nana Gallagher Had an Affair"

Monica is still around and contending with Frank for the title of worst Gallagher parent. It's no wonder Frank thinks they're soul mates. It's a constant competition of who's a bigger loser! However, in this week's Shameless, Eddie got to throw his hat into the ring when he called his daughter a whore. It amazes me that any of their children have turned out remotely normal.

The fight for Liam has continued and Monica's insistence on wanting to start her own family with Bob, is downright insulting. Hey Monica, why don't you just shit all over the rest of your kids and make them feel irrelevant? Oh wait, you already did when you walked out on them. Monica is as dumb as Bob is rude. Fiona has brushed Bob off for the most part since her real beef is with Monica, but Lip isn't so quick to overlook his mother's brash new partner. From their fight in the kitchen, to Lip's paternity test stunt at dinner, he is truly the MVP of this show. Read More...


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Jun 7, 2016 2:20PM EDT

I don't know who was funnier/crazier to me in this episode or who had the better lines - Karen or her father....made for some crazy times/awkward moments. Also just the concept of the Purity Ball in general was great/creepy - i wouldn't be surprised if we find out some more disgusting skeletons in Karen's dad's closet.

oh and again props to the show for great music, so glad to hear a couple of Earlimart songs again - "Nevermind the Phone Calls" played when Fiona awakes to find Monica is back and making breakfast for the family, and also "Bloody" nose when Karen tells Lip she thinks she should start paying rent.

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