Stargate Universe: What To Expect From "Twin Destinies"

Tonight's episode of Stargate Universe is a "doozy." More is at stake as the crew is met with a highly perplexing problem that involves not one, but two incarnations of Dr. Nicholas Rush. Let the madness begin...

Here are a few possibly spoilerish (possibly not) points of interest to look out for during tonight's show.


1. The Episode Title Says It All...

Two Destinies could mean a lot of possibilities for the characters involved, but how the crew from the Destiny will utilize this rare sight and how it even came to be will be something of note. Admittedly, I didn't grasp this plot point when it was first presented, thinking they would take it an opposite way instead. Thankfully (?), I was wrong.

2. Rush Getting Back Up... From Young?!

This might not be all that surprising to some, but with the problems (old and recent) between these two on a particular subject, it just goes to show how far these two have come from killing each other to actually working together for once. Which leads us to...

3. Surprising Sacrifices

I'm not going to divulge much into this one, but I was shocked nonetheless. Plus, this little nugget might (and I stress might) be the basis of arguments concerning implausible character choices/development.

4. Two Major "Deaths"

These are the doozies and they are gasp worthy.

With those four major plot points that I thought were of note, I'm interested to see what you guys have to say about this episode tonight. Until then, he's a clip from tonight's episode to tide you over:

So what do you guys expect will go down?

Stargate Universe, "Twin Destinies" airs tonight @10/9c on SyFy.

Photo Credit: MGM


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