BEING HUMAN (UK) “The Wolf-Shaped Bullet” Review

BEING HUMAN "The Wolf-Shaped Bullet" Series 3 Episode 8 - And so the third series of Being Human ends with the arrival of a new big bad and the exit of an old friend.

I usually hate fake-outs in shows, especially if it’s something that’s been brewing for an entire series, but the wolf-shaped bullet prophecy being a pack of lies was intriguing. It gives a whole new slant to series 3 overall, and to Mitchell’s quest to find out who it will be and how he can save himself. We’ve spent seven episodes watching him fall apart until now, when his guilt and last shred of human decency leads to him falling apart quite literally.

Is this is the end for John Mitchell? Herrick claimed that being staked was The End, capitalized,something that no vampire can come back from. We can probably assume that Herrick himself won’t be back, even if that’s a lie. There’s no Cara, no Mitchell, and we haven’t been introduced to any other proteges who may know the secret. But if Mitchell doesn’t come back, what will this mean for the future of Being Human? Read More...


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