THE CLEVELAND SHOW “The Way the Cookie Crumbles” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW "The Way the Cookie Crumbles" Season 2, Episode 16 – Tonight’s episodeof The Cleveland Show started off with a totally random, but pretty funny trailer for a movie called "The Cleveland Show 3D" featuring Cleveland as an ad executive getting married and fighting zombies with exploding babies. The rest of the episode had nothing to do with those first couple minutes, but I guess I’ve come to expect that kind of randomness from The Cleveland Show.

After all of Cleveland’s friends show up sporting his childhood things, Cleveland confronts his parents at a garage sale where they’re selling everything to anyone who is willing to buy it. After LeVar admits to Cleveland that he was taken in by a scam, Cleveland takes his parents into his home and uses it as an opportunity to get revenge on his father for the years of torment he experienced growing up. I actually felt bad for LeVar during this montage watching him work while Cleveland and Horsey played around. I liked that eventually it was discovered that Cleveland’s mother, Evelyn was the one taken in by a modeling scam and that LeVar had been covering for her so she wouldn’t be embarrassed. Read More...


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