BOB’S BURGERS “Bed & Breakfast” Review

Bob’s Burgers "Bed & Breakfast" Episode 7 – The published summary and my cable listing’s description of tonight’s episode was pretty off the mark, but even if Louise didn’t plant listening devices anywhere in the Belcher bed and breakfast, we still got a pretty decent chunk of time with her tonight.

Linda’s latest idea is to start a bed and breakfast to bring in a little extra cash for the family. It’s pretty apparent, however, that this idea isn’t really about the money as much as it is about Linda wanting to make her fantasy of running a bed and breakfast a reality. Bob, who has always been kind of a pushover when it comes to his family, is not pleased with the idea but, as usual, he opts to just stay out of the way. We get to see how happy Bob is when he’s grilling up his special Bob’s Burgers, so I can understand how on some levels he’s willing to let Linda pursue whatever it is she’s got in her head as long as he can get away from it by being in the restaurant. Read More...


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