BIG LOVE “Exorcism” Review

BIG LOVE "Exorcism" Season 5 Episode 9 - With only one episode of Big Love left, the stakes are high and the drama is even higher. Of course the end scenes have been fantastic lately, but let’s first talk about the rest of the episode leading up to that point.

The family finally realizes just how serious Barb is about her newfound belief in women empowerment in the church when they find out she has joined another church. Not only has she turned her back on Bill’s church, however, but she has a chosen a church that specifcially repudiates plural marriage. Bill wonders how she can reconcile the church’s beliefs with her own and, more importantly, with her ownlifestyle. That is a very good question indeed. In recent days, it seems Barb’s interest in becoming a priestholder overshadows her other beliefs and her marriage. Naturally, Nicki accuses Barb of prematurely trying to run the family. This time, however, I do not think Nicki is wrong. I wonder, does Barb have a little part of her that actually wants Bill to go to prison? She is the one after all that brought up the fact that she would need to find sex elsewhere while he is locked up. Read More...


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