CSI: NY “Do or Die” Review

CSI: NY "Do or Die", Season 7 Episode 17 – With another well-done intro, this week’s installment of CSI: NY gave us a great introduction into what kind of school we were dealing with, as well as showing us the deplorable type of students that attend Archford Academy. These kids were out of control! They were doing drugs in the bathroom, having sex on campus, and cheating on tests! So…basically just regular high school students, right?

As I said on my review of the recent CSI: Miami episode, "Stoned Cold", teenagers are very tricky to write for. You run the risk of sounding like an adult writing what you think teenagers sound like, or you make the teenagers sound too adult. This episode fell firmly into the latter category, making most of the teenagers sound far more well-spoken than they should. The biggest culprits of this were Benjamin Gold and Emmy, although the writing wasn’t as distracting as it was on "Stoned Cold". Read More...



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