FRINGE “Os” Review

FRINGE "Os" Review Season 3 Episode 16 – What’s weirder than flying thieves? Gravity defying osmium: normally the densest of elements, it’s now lighter than air. Even Walter, normally an expert in the weird and wacky, is mystified on tonight’s episode of Fringe, "Os."

Let’s talk about that final scene first because it blew my mind. I didn’t think there was any way "Os" would come close to the terrific 1985 flashback of the previous episode, but then Olivia started channeling the late William Bell. Mind. Blown. Should we call her Bellivia now?

Walter prompted the return of Bell by ringing the bell that was bequeathed to Nina in Bell’s will. From what I understand, we first saw the bell in Bell’s office in the alterverse when Olivia first crossed over inseason 2. At the end of her visit, Bell rung the bell and then Olivia returned to our universe. So was this Bell’s intention all along? And have the writers been planning this since season 2? Read More...


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