'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 18 Recap

I have a complicated relationship with continuity. I wrote as much here a week ago, and it flooded through my mind a lot while watching tonight's 'Chuck,' This episode did a lot of things right, but it had to drive a fleet of Sierras through one of the biggest plot holes that the show has ever come up with in order to achieve those not-so-small victories. Was it worth it? The success of 'Chuck Versus the A-Team' lies in how much you're willing to swallow when it comes to the show's relationship to its own history.

One of the problems with long-form narrative continuity, as I laid out in the article linked above, lies in the fact that shows don't always know how long a lifespan they will have, which leads to certain threads being unexplored or simply dropped. Given the rocky history of 'Chuck' in terms of its overall ratings health, the show has had to constantly straddle the line between trying to plan long arcs and worrying about wrapping things up in a satisfactory manner should the plug be pulled. It's a totally unfair way to run a show, and by and large the show's done as well as can be expected under the circumstances. Read More...



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