Chuck Review: The Team Behind The Castle

Although the episode itself left plenty to be desired, "Chuck Versus the A-Team" answered enough long-standing questions and created a couple new queries to make up for its lack of overall entertainment.

Morgan Grimes getting tranqed will always be humorous, but leaving him drugged on Casey's recliner for the entire episode really tied the show's hands.  You can't expect a great episode of Chuck without the comedic stylings of Morgan Guillermo Grimes.

Even without Morgan for a majority of the episode, comedy was still the only aspect of the Chuck Triple Threat that even decided to show up this week.  Between Morgan admitting that he drank no water so that he would not wet himself, Chuck making fun of CBS and all of their CSI-type shows, and the disarming of a nuclear bomb using just fruit juice, there were enough laughs to get by. Read More...


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