Pretty Little Liars 1.21 "Monsters in the End" Review

The penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars introduced more new plot threads/secrets/mysteries than set up for next week's finale. New mysteries towards the end of a show's season, while an even bigger mystery is in play, might seem like a bad thing in most cases, like LOST. With Pretty Little Liars, the new conundrums presented were minor and will hopefully play more into the finale than leave us screaming for a solution for the next two months. With that said, there was one new puzzle piece that I couldn't keep my eyes from rolling on instinct, but it was quickly ignored as a reasonable explanation came to mind. So what new clues did we learn about last night?

1. The Key to "Understanding"

So one new clue involved a key that belonged to Allison, which was the basis for why Jenna hired Caleb to trail Hanna in the first place. When this was introduced, I immediately thought the key wouldn't be found until the final frames of next week's finale. However, I was shocked that not only was it found last night, but how and where it was found.

How could Emily not feel that key imprint under the snow globe? This bothered me to no end until I thought maybe someone possibly put it there. But who? I would rather roll with that explanation than believe Emily never noticed something odd about that token of "friendship" Allison bestowed upon her after all that time. This brings me to my next clue...


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