Recap: 'The Event' - 'Turnabout'

This series promised a lot from the beginning, and its creators specifically claimed it wouldn’t be another post-"Lost" mystery show, lacking in tangible content, that runs out of steam once the initial intrigue wears off.  I think we can officially say that "The Event" is at that point, but what’s more disappointing is how rote its process in getting there has been, as if it never attempted to put up a fight, or do anything beyond following a script to its own demise. The only thing left, at this point, is to figure out where it all went wrong.

One of "The Event"’s most glaring problems has been momentum, as it has never been able to string multiple exciting episodes together, and it cursed itself with an inopportune hiatus just as the plot began moving forward. "Turnabout" is another example,  following up the action-packed "Inostranka" with an episode that’s mostly filler (hell, its opening segment is a dream!) Even within the episode itself, any moments that seem to pick up the pace a little bit are truncated by cuts to inexplicable scenes of a wayward Sean getting into a bar fight, or something. The show has always modeled itself much more after "24" than "Lost," but it lacks the resolve "24" writers had to cut anything that might interrupt the series unrelenting pace. In "24," the ticking clock ruled all; in "The Event," even gun battles feel like they’re just filling the time. Read More...


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