'Skins' Season 1, Episode 9 Recap

With only one episode left of the season, the MTV version of 'Skins' went where the franchise has never gone before -- the perspective of an adult. Tina (Anastasia Phillips) the teacher had a comparable character in the original series (who also got it on with Chris), but she was never the focus of an episode. Needless to say, interest was high but expectations low for this grown-up POV.

What's interesting is that despite the paradigm shift the Tina episode created (it seems counter-intuitive that a series so blatantly targeted at teens would switch to show an adult's point of view), her story was compelling (if pathetic) enough to reveal what can happen when you don't really grow up. Tina isn't an adolescent, but she's not really an adult, a role model or an authority figure either. Read More...



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