'House' Takes A Dive 'Out Of The Chute'

House" writers with nowhere to go but down. Cuddy’s no longer dying, but House wishes he was, as the realization that his romance is over sinks in. Can House’s return to his bacchanalistic lifestyle ease his pain?

A young and healthy cowboy mounts a bull at a rodeo. He needs to stay seated for 8 seconds to beat the bull and win the challenge. The 8 seconds pass like minutes, as the bull furiously bucks and tries to throw the rider. The cowboy succeeds, and while the rodeo clowns lead the bull away, he faces the cheering crowd triumphantly. But the angry bull breaks away and races back to attack the cowboy, trampling him into the dirt. Hello, Patient of the Week. (Chad Faust, as Lane.)

House’s team has no shortage of past medical information, as the cowboy has a long history of broken bones to show for his career. Unfortunately, metal plates in the cowboy’s head and chest preclude certain diagnostic scans. House himself has withdrawn all of his money from the bank and has holed up in a luxury hotel to drown his sorrows in booze, Vicodin, and hookers.  Just to complicate matters, Foreman and Chase are vying for leadership amongst the team, and newbie Masters is falling in lust with the cowboy. Read More...



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