'Top Gear' 16.08 'John Prescott' Review

Top Gear's Season 16 is here already. So how are the boys going to go out? Well, as usual, with a unique brand of insanity and automotive nerdiness.

The Introduction

"Tonight, a Spaniel in a moon buggy, a fat man in a Kia, and a race against the Lord God Almighty." Let's just hope Jeremy didn't offend anyone with that...

The Features

Richard is playing with a Porsche 959 and a Ferrari F40, reliving the 1980's. He's smitten with both cars, although they are quite different. So which is better? He calls choosing between the two "pointless," finding them both equally important in automotive history, comparing them to the Moon landing. Jeremy vastly prefers the Ferrari, but when The Stig tries to drive it, it just starts smoking and needs to be pushed into the garage. The Porsche at least moves, but ends up in the garage too. Therefore, it really is impossible to choose, because neither finished! Read More...



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