SKINS (MTV) “Tina” Review

SKINS (MTV) "Tina" Episode 9 – I wasn’t sure why why Skins would opt to name and focus an entireepisode around an adult character rather than one of the teens in the group as they had done for previous episodes, but I suppose it’s because – as Daisy, Abbud and Tea later explain – they think of Tina as one of them.

Something is amiss in Tina’s head, we discover that she has no friends outside of her students and that she’s incapable of relating to adult men. We don’t know why she has these issues, but it has been manifesting itself in an unhealthy way. Maybe she’s been progressing through a mental breakdown because of her relationship with Chris, but there was very little about her development in this episode that compelled me to empathize with her. I understand that at 23, she’s young, only about 6 or 7 years older than her students, but it’s not as easy to forgive the irresponsible impulses of an educated adult in a professional setting as it is to forgive the irresponsible impulses of a teenager. Read More...


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