HOUSE “Out of the Chute” Review

HOUSE "Out of the Chute" Season 7 Episode 16 - A bull rider goes from bad to worse to needs to have his heart blown up while House channels his inner Charlie Sheen in the "Out of the Chute"episode of HOUSE.

The opening scene with the bullrider is beautifully shot. The cuts between the normal speed and slow motion shots are perfectly set to the seconds counting down and the gorgeous "This Night" by Black Lab. The actual bull attack is intense and almost too realistic, making for the best opening in a long time. The bull rider himself gives us the quintessential House medical mystery where anything that can go wrong does. "You want to drill through my skull because of a mass that isn’t there?" His rib cage smoking in the MRI because of the metal rod is impressive, but I’m not sure anything could top the exploding aorta. On a shallow note, did we have to have the limburger feet? I hate feet. Masters having a crush on the (her words, not mine) "hillbilly and an idiot" is an odd but somehow interesting twist, especially because it fascinates Taub. Read More...


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