Red Riding Hood - Review

LITTLE RED Amanda Seyfried haunted by a werewolf in Red Riding Hood | Red Riding Hood, Amanda Seyfried

We get it. The Twilight trilogy, both in books and movies, is a gigantic hit. But holy demographics — it's time for new blood! Red Riding Hood, the latest movie project under the influence of Stephenie Meyer's opus, takes a timeless fairy tale juicy with its own vivid metaphors of sex, death, danger, and young people — and then goes all goofily Bella Swan-ish on the classic. The result is a dolled-up, overblown, pandering romantic costume drama that's not only sillier than the filmmakers surely intended but also, if you follow the plot implications all the way to the end, way ickier, too. (I'm not going to spoil the suspense by describing those plot implications, but trust me, they're icky.) Read More...,,20472763,00.html


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