Battle: Los Angeles - Review

LOSING BATTLE Aaron Eckhart ready to fend off invaders from outer space in Los Angeles | Aaron Eckhart

In recent years, movies like Cloverfield andDistrict 9 have used up-to-the-minute multimedia tropes (grainy whiplash shaky-cam, high-definition TV and Internet images) to turn fairly traditional monsters and aliens into something new. They've made it feel as if old-fashioned movie creatures were looming right up into our reality. It's a catchy technique, but in the paramilitary alien-invasion head-cruncher Battle: Los Angeles, the digital-era clutter serves a different and much lower purpose: It's basically there to cover up the fact that, except for the relentless, jittery way that the film has been photographed, there's nothing of interest going on in it. It's all fractious guerrilla-newsreel ''style'' masquerading a void. Read More...,,20472375,00.html


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