The Adjustment Bureau - Review

GUARDED CHARISMA Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau | The Adjustment Bureau, Matt Damon

The Adjustment Bureau is an enjoyable piece of hokum – your basic doom-laden parable of metaphysical sci-fi mind control, only with a surprise romantic sparkle. It's based on a 1954 short story by Philip K. Dick (called ''Adjustment Team''), but even as the film gives you a taste of Dick's crazy-visionary the corporation ate my brain! paranoia, it infuses that twisty gloom with a spirit that's lighter and almost playful. It's like Philip K. Dick meets Sliding Doors.

Matt Damon, beefy and gregarious, has just the right expansive yet guarded charisma to play David Norris, an on-the-rise political star who gets derailed (because of his not-quite-tamed frat-house side) in his bid to be a New York senator. In a luxe hotel men's room, just before his concession speech, he meets Elise, a free spirit and professional dancer who had ducked into one of the stalls. She's played by Emily Blunt, and in the ? extended scene that follows, she and Damon, jousting and then kissing, generate the rare connection that actually feels spontaneous. Read More...,,20470300,00.html


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