'RuPaul's Drag Race': Alexis Mateo makes a patriotic splash!


Week ago, I was obsessed with Raja. Then I fell for Stacy Layne. Last week, I was reals into Shangela! And now, after last night’s delightful, patriotic-themed episode, I found myself falling for the charming Alexis Mateo, who I previously hadn’t been that into so far this season. After loving on all these different gals over the past few weeks, I feel like a Drag Race slut.

Because, of course, you know whose fault this constant love-shifting is? The Drag Raceproducers! They’re playing games with my heart, making me love a different queen each week, by using genius editing and their other unseen tricks of the trade. No fair! So yes, I do love all the queens on Drag Race, but this week Alexis was especially sparkly and pretty and alluring. And on the producer thing, well, I suppose that is their job — to make we, the viewers, fall in love with each of the different characters on a reality competition show before they’re picked off, one by one. Heartbreaking! But it ensures that I’ll tune back in each week. (As if I wouldn’t anyway.) Honestly, if I had to say who I love most right now, I simply couldn’t. All the girls are doing it for me this season. Read More...



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