'V': What'd you make of THAT?!


To understand why the gory second season finale of V was such an exciting hour of television, it helps to consider the final image of Crank: High Voltage, easily the most existential movie to feature a sex scene in the middle of a horse race. By the end of C: HV, Jason Statham’s Chev Chelios has spent two movies suffering all manner of physical suffering and mental degradation. He has fallen out of a helicopter. He has witnessed the removal of his still-beating heart. He has been in a car crash, or two, or seven. He has fought off an entire gang, or two, or seven. Also, his entire body is on fire. Chelios stares into the camera, grins through lips that are already burnt to a crisp…. and shows the audience his blazing middle finger.

Viewers, I submit to you that ABC’s beleaguered V reboot is a lot like Chev Chelios. In theory, the show had everything going for it when it debuted in the fall of 2009. There was the nostalgia factor: People loved the original miniseries. There was the Battlestar Galacticafactor: The concept was so inherently interesting that a modern-day remake actually seemed like a good idea. There was the Elizabeth Mitchell factor: She can do no wrong. But V was practically marked for death before it even premiered. It has been consistently "on hiatus" ever since its much-hyped debut– "hiatus" being a hot cable-TV idea that has worked exactly once for the broadcast networks. Read More....



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