'Biggest Loser' Gains Some Dignity

So this week Alison tells everyone that they will be competing as one unified team, and all I can think to say is, finally. Was anyone else getting tired of the perpetual team and color changing? This week everyone is wearing blue shirts, which is A-OK with me.

Alison tells the team that they have a unified goal. If they can beat last week's cumulative weight gain of 64 pounds, they will all have immunity. If this doesn't get them working together, I don't know what will.

Welcome Back, Dr. H

First, we drop in to see Dr. H.  Personally, I missed Dr. H.  Not because he has any particular kind of charisma, but because the endless product placement in lieu of actual health info has given me a thirst for the hard medical facts he provides.

Dr. H tells Courtney that her body fat is currently down to 35%. She's come down from over 50% body fat, and that's simply amazing. Her percentage of body fat is now at the same level as the average American woman. Read More...



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