'Teen Mom 2' recap: No Money, Mo' Problems

The girls all hit turning points last night, from Chelsea pondering her relationship with Adam to Leah wondering whether marriage was in the cards right now. Let's see how it all went down:

Last night, Kailyn seemed less stressed for once. She didn't have to keep her relationship with Jordan covert, she and her mom were actually getting along, and Jo was acting like an adult. His parents were concerned about all the drama, and explained that in order to keep Isaac in his life, he needed to keep his relationship with Kail civil. And so Jo told her that he wanted no more drama in his life; she could pick up Isaac the following day, and when she had his $600, she could pick up her belongings, too. But there was also the issue of sharing Isaac. Who would keep him for how long? Yeesh, heavy talk for people under the age of 20. Anyway, I was more than a little surprised that Jo was content to keep the baby Friday through Sunday while Kailyn took weekdays. Why surprised, you ask? Well, as despicably as Jo talks to Kailyn, he seems to actually enjoy spending time with his baby. Unlike Adam, he's actually responsible. Read More...



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