'Glee' recap: They kissed. Everyone won.

We knew it was going to happen eventually, but anticipation is not nearly as exciting as actually seeing a monumental moment. Now, I could be talking about two big moments here, and honestly, I'm talking about both -- the kiss between Kurt and Blaine and the advancement of New Directions to Nationals.

Clearly, it was a big episode. So let's just get right into it.

We opened the episode at Dalton Academy, where the gang were putting the final touches on their Regionals programming, which was a little Blaine-heavy for Kurt’s liking. But judging by Blaine’s not-so-favorable response, Kurt had lifted the Burberry birdcage cover on a sensitive issue.

Back at McKinley, Rachel found herself still struggling to write a personal song that had mass appeal -- and she was finding little success, especially since she appeared to be the sole berry on her tree of ambition. In a shocking moment of wisdom, Finn suggested that she dig deeper because she was dealing only with the "easy pain." Read More...



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