V “Mother’s Day” Review

V "Mother’s Day" Season 2 Finale – So um, don’t know about you guys V fans, but I about fell off of my couch when I watched "Mother’s Day". Let me just get this out early on in this review – I’M FURIOUS THAT THIS WAS THE FINALE! I feel that I need to know RIGHT NOW what happens and how things progress.

I understand that this is the POINT of a finale, but with the uncertainty of not knowing if V is getting picked up for a third season, I HATE to think of this being the ending of this series. But, I digress.

Let’s talk about "Mother’s Day". The fifth column has decided to overthrow Anna as queen of the Visitors, and in order to do this, they devise a plan to "kidnap" Lisa. In exchange for Anna’s life, the column will let Lisa go unharmed.

Obviously Erica (with the help of Diana!) has more up her sleeve than that. she’s actually going to have Lisa kill Anna. Lisa is the last person Anna will suspect, and the only person that Anna’s security will let her be alone with. So it’s up to Lisa to kill mommy. Read More...



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