RAISING HOPE “Mongooses” Review

RAISING HOPE "Mongooses" Season 1 Episode 17 - Jimmy’s decisions to choose a guardian for Hope and have her watch educationalish shows leads to him, his parents, and Sabrina almost dying in the attic as Maw Maw hunts pygmy mongooses in the "Mongooses" episode of RAISING HOPE.

Well, the clear moral of this episode is never to watch watch nature shows where animals decapitate each other or you run the risk of later being hit with buckshot. Alternatively: lock up your shot gun. Either way, a valuable lesson, indeed. Not many shows can get me laughing within the first minute, butRaising Hope gets funnier by the week. The writing was always great, but it’s become sharper and more tailored to each actor’s strength and the devolution of simple family situations into hilarious chaos feels not only real, but absolutely right.

All lawyers should have cab meters and I hope the Chances have many more opportunities to visit their attorney because so much goodness is packed into that scene. No show has better montages, and the shots of the guardianship game losers perfectly capture each one. "Forty-five to stay alive." Oh, Shelley. I love that characters are fleshed out each week in such interesting ways. Burt’s inability to keep pairs together is a terrific quirk and his trying (and failing) to get the sock clinging to his back is a hilarious sight gag. Plus he threw in a "All I can think is think," which tickles me to no end. Read More...



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