Young Justice: "Bereft" Review

In this week's Young Justice, the gang find themselves caught in that old television storyline standby -- their memories are wiped while they have to deal with a crisis situation. What follows is an entertaining if filler-ish episode, as Miss MartianRobinKid Flash and the rest try to remember what has happened to themand save the day. Things begin with the Martian Manhunter's favorite niece awaking in the desert of Bialya, which is one of those comic-book lands that apparently exists somewhere between Latveria, Qurac and Wakanda. Megan has lost the past six months worth of her memories, and has no idea where she is or why -- or even, at first, that she's on Earth. This is interesting, because it indicates that she hasn't actually been on our planet for very long. Where was she before that? Mars' population has long since been wiped out, if this universe is in keeping with the standard DC party line, so where did she grow up? And perhaps more importantly, why is she always in such a good mood considering her background? (Of course, it could be that in this variation on the DC universe Mars and its people are doing just fine.)  Read More...


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