Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Citadel Rescue" Review

Wow, this trilogy sure ended strong! I'd been enjoying The Citadel trilogy so far, but wasn't expecting it to suddenly elevate into something so epic and powerful in this final chapter. Artistically, this episode was wonderful. The scope of it was notable, as it followed several hard fought battles on the ground, while also managing to take time for a very cool looking space battle as well. There were many strong sequences, including one in which our heroes had to descend forward down a cliff side, which some in their party did not survive. But the highlight had to be the battle that ended with the sad death of Even Piell. It was fast-paced and intense, as we saw just how fiercely everyone was fighting. There were a ton of great moments, as we saw the Jedi and Clones brutally battle their attackers, with losses on both sides. I loved the look of determination on Anakin's face, not even flinching as a STAP hurtled to the ground and explodes behind him, shot down by one of the Clone Troopers.  Read More...


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