Kill the Irishman Review

Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day comes this Celtic-tinged crime drama, the true story of the 1970s Irish-American mobster Danny Greene. A mishmash of familiar mafia tale beats and rise to power/fall from glory tropes, the film is nonetheless buoyed by a strong cast -- particularly its star, Ray Stevenson, who plays the flagrantly coifed mad bomber Greene. Kill the Irishman traces Greene's journey from motherless Cleveland street punk to teamster boss, from bona fide gangster to the bane of the mafia, and eventually to apparent superman, surviving assassination attempt after assassination attempt. Along the way, Greene -- and Stevenson, best known as Titus Pullo on Rome and the Punisher in that Marvel character's War Zone film -- encounters a variety of notable personalities within the mob world, many of whom are played by Hollywood's best and brightest criminals: Vincent D'OnofrioChristopher WalkenPaul SorvinoSteve Schirripa and others. Alas, several of these actors show up in cameo-ish roles, while lesser players take up bigger parts. It seems a shame, this uneven distribution of talent.  Read More....


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