No Ordinary Family: "No Ordinary Love" Review

With the finale a little more than a month away, No Ordinary Family is gearing up for what could be an exciting season, or maybe even series, finale. "No Ordinary Love" introduces two new characters into the mix that both happen to be Battlestar Galactica veterans. Tricia Helfer guest stars as the seductive Sophie Adler and Lucy Lawless plays the mysterious Mrs. X. Jim not wearing a mask while stopping criminals completely breaks the show for me at times. Wouldn't the criminal who saw him at the beginning of the episode spill his guts regarding the fact that he crashed into an invincible man? Wouldn't the police want to know why the car was so damaged when it didn't crash into any of the surroundings? Earlier in the season, these issues were brought up and I got the distinct impression that Jim was going to start wearing a mask or at least keep his hood up when fighting crime. Instead, his face is available for everyone to see. There need to be consequences for Jim's actions. Eyewitnesses can't just be dismissed because George is a D.A. who can sweep everything under the rug.  Read More...


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