Spartacus: Gods of the Arena - "The Bitter End" Review

The first half of "The Bitter End" focused on BatiatusGannicusand Oenomaus getting their revenge against Tullius and Vettius. It was a little surprising how quickly and easily Batiatus' plan played out. Using Solonius to facilitate a simple ambush seemed almost too easy. The fact that Tullius, blinded by his opportunity to stop Batiatus, was so easily captured almost seems a bit out of character. Tullius certainly had what was coming to him. Yet it was still frightening to see Batiatus and his group using small blades to stab Tullius several times, ensuring maximum pain. I'm a little surprised Batiatus didn't pee on him for good measure. Bricking him up in the new arena, it felt like Tullius' story was coming to an end a little too soon. We still had the greater part of "The Bitter End" to go! In the end however, this episode is far less about Tullius and Vettius and deals far more with the genesis of the feud between Solonius and Batiatus, which we see the outcome of in Blood and Sand.  Read More...


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