Parks and Recreation: "Indianapolis" Review

The episode title "Indianopolis" was a bit misleading (not that I look to Parks titles for ultimate guidance) as this particular chapter could have been as easily called "Chris's House." Perhaps even as a nod to the Season 2 episode, "Leslie's House." Hey, maybe every character should get their own "House" episode! But I digress. "Indianapolis" was a clever joyride that took most of our gang out of the office and into the wonderful, lovable world that this show has created for itself. "My name is Janet. Janet Snakehole." As for Andy and April's first episode as an official couple, I'd give them a B+. It started off a little too cute, but I was relieved to find that, after everything that's happened to them, they still just really like hanging out together and doing a bunch of brilliant nonsense. I liked the fact that the show has almost immediately addressed the two of them as being a couple of go-nowhere underachievers. I mean, do we really think that Andy's band will ever make it? I don't mean that to be mean, just that these two both totally deserve, and fit with, each other.  Read More...


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