Dragon Crisis! Episode #07- Review

The introduction of Ai was one of the more awkward aspects of the series so far as it felt like a kind of jerky way to bring her into play as the flow it wasn't all that smooth. With her now back with her master, Ryuji in his power, she's spending some time looking for his approval and trying out the Lost Precious that she gained from Eriko. It's an interesting one that allows you to read a persons thoughts, but it's something that may not have been the best thing for her to get a hold of as she hears the intentional thoughts in her masters head. They're brutal thoughts that make it quite clear what he thinks of her and how he's used and abused her over all these years as well. It's an understandably difficult moment for Ai and her reactions are honest enough if simple, but the reasons why he lets her in on this are anything but. Read More...



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