Bleach Episode #311 - Review

Bleach certainly reached a high point with the last few episodes as it dealt with the battle between Ichigo and Aizen. There was a really strong sense of purpose and character throughout it that made it exciting and engaging in a way that the show manages only every so often to achieve. With Ichigo's situation now in the place where he's slowly losing his powers, since the show has pretty much caught up to the manga, the writers are sort of boxed in with what they can do with the series at this point. Reducing his abilities is certainly one way to go since it stops him from being ultra powerful and having to find harder and harder foes to deal with, but it also means we get less threatening villains that aren't going to be all that much of a true challenge. He'll have his difficulties and all, but it won't feel right because we just saw him take on Aizen with a really amazing ability. Read More...


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