Transformers: Prime Episode #09 - Convoy

Sometimes things just don't go the way you want them. Case in point is seemingly anything involving Agent Fowler. The agent finds himself in trouble right from the start after he gets into some dealing with the Decepticons while transporting a nuclear generation system to its secret destination and while he drives them off, it's not before they manage to down his attack craft. The obvious solution, and it's one that Fowler pretty much demands right away, is to contact the Autobots and have them open a ground bridge to him, grab the device and then open the bridge again to its final destination. While it's primitive technology, Fowler does point out that under Decepticon hands, it could blow considerably and destroy four states around it. Naturally, where it doesn't got his way (again) is that Prime won't let him shuttle it through the ground bridge since if anything goes wrong, and you know it will, it'd irradiate the entire country and beyond. Read More...


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