Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #45 - Review

Lag visits the city of Lament to see Connor, as he needs the abilities of Gus, his dingo, to track down the Cabernet, which has buried itself into the ground. Connor remained there to look after Sunny who, while up and about, is a shadow of her former self since having her heart taken by the Cabernet. Despite knowing that his help is required, though, Connor refuses to leave Sunny behind...It's perhaps telling about Tegami Bachi's pacing that, although the Cabernet stole Sunny's heart nine episodes ago now and is considered the most major threat that Reverse have produced, it's been seen about twice since then and is still on the loose. Every time the series introduces a compelling new idea or storyline - the Cabernet, or the creature at the heart of Amberground's artificial sun - it cops out of following up on the idea and instead goes down a side alley - Gauche's return, or this episode's catch-up with Lag and Sunny. There's nothing more annoying, and this series has gotten into the habit of doing it so often now that it's getting beyond a joke. Read More...



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