Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #46 - Review

Lag and the others begin looking at how to lure out the Cabernet, using the abilities of Connor and Gus - but they're having to face up to the problem that they don't currently know where it's hiding, where it's heading, or what place it will resurface at. Meanwhile, Reverse's plans are reaching their final stage: in order to raise the strength of the Cabernet even further, Lawrence is planning to use the fortified hearts of those who were unable to become spirit, and transports them all to the place where he believes the Cabernet will appear next...Back into the main action, then, although for all the talk about the Cabernet this episode we don't actually get to see it. Instead, the story revolves around what Lawrence is planning on feeing it next '" and after having already sacrificed a convent worth of nuns to it & his 'cause', the next little snack he has in mind for it proves to be the last straw for some. Read More...



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