Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #47 - Review

Connor and the others have finished mining the area where they expect the Cabernet to surface, and are now just waiting to see what happens next. Meanwhile, in an effort to stop Lawrence's plan and protect the ones he's planning on sacrificing, Gauche heads to the bread and weapons shop, Sinners. There, Gauche asks Jacob, who is surprised and somewhat worried to see him, to give him a shindanjuu - and when he leaves the shop he runs into Sylvette, who won't let him leave without talking to him first. But Gauche is still not seeing himself as the Gauche that Sylvette wants him to be...Desert folk have some really creative methods of getting rid of people who annoy them. I was thinking of detailing some of them here, but I'll setting for running thought of inflicting on the Tegami Bachi writers through my head. I had considered putting in a call to Ai Enma, but I admit that might be a bit drastic. Read More...



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