Cross Game Episode #48 - Review

With Akane's surgery having gone off without a hitch, Ko is able to put all of his focus squarely on the game itself. He's been a bit cagey with his friends about what's gone on and all that was involved with it, even keeping aspects of it secret from Akaishi, so that everyone would get a good nights sleep. Well, outside of Ko since he's showing a yawn or two at the start of the game that will determine who goes to the next stage. The district championships get a lot of attention and the energy is huge there as everyone is excited to see what's going to happen. A bit tired he may be, but Ko is able to step up right from the start with a strong pitch (which is amusingly 'translated' into mph rather than the kph we see on the screen, which is more localizing than translating unfortunately). Read More...


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