Cross Game Episode #50 - Review

From start to finish, Cross Game has been a very interesting series and one unlike most other sports series out there. From those first few episodes, we got a real feel for the style and nature of the series which has largely held up throughout its fifty episode run. With some nice little nods and flashbacks here, such as the coach remembering the early days and the promise of these kids that was being ignored by the previous coach, there's something very bittersweet about it all. With everything now coming down to the twelfth inning with Ko having earned them a one run lead at the end of the previous episode, it's again all up to Ko. It's almost a bit brutal in a way as he's had to pitch constantly throughout the game and the strain of dealing with pitching again at this point is definitely starting to show. But it's this kind of moment that can really define a young man with who he really is. There's a great moment where he says to Akaishi that he's the pitcher and Akaishi is the catcher, showing the bond that the two have had for years and that he knows what it means. Read More...


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