Infinite Stratos Episode #07 - Review

With the school tournament just around the corner, rumor starts to heat up that the winner will get to date Ichika (even if he knows nothing about it). To this end, Cecelia and Rin set out for a friendly sparring match in order to sharpen their skills; however, their bout is interrupted by Laura, who in her effort to prove she is resident bitch is looking to crush everybody. Laura easily beats the other two, and is well on her way to handling Ichika and 'Charles' (for whom we have yet to get a real name) when they interfere when Chifuyu stops the match by herself sans IS, embarrassing Laura in the process. With Rin and Cecelia now out of commission, Ichika teams up with 'Charles' for the tournament, but is shocked when their first match is against the thrown together pairing of Laura and Houki. Read More...


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